Lincoln Mill Website

Lincoln Mill is a historic office building in the Five Points area of Huntsville, AL. Active8 actually made their home there as well, integrating as part of the community of tenants. We quickly found out that the building owner needed a website, so we set out to create one. We spent time shooting video and taking photos of the building to show off what it has to offer. I create the wireframe for the website and built it in WordPress. During the process, we also created the logo that you see on this site. The logo is used as the pre-loader of the site, and a small icon version of the tower can be seen as a custom “back to top” arrow. The website functions as the main hub for events that take place on the building grounds including food truck gatherings and open houses for new tenants.

You can view the website here.

Noetic Strategies donated a few of the clips for us to use on the home page video.