DRM Thrift Stores


I have been managing the social media calendar for the Downtown Rescue Mission Thrift Stores since early 2020. We had been using their established brand for some time when the head of thrift store relations met with me and requested a fresh, new look for their social media accounts. I evaluated each design that we needed (50% off sales, color tag sales, national day graphics, etc) and created a more cohesive look. The font that they were using before, Torque Sans, did not have font variations or lowercase options. I proposed that we go with Bebas Neue Pro, which did have those features we really needed to elevate the brand. I also created a new “stamp” like logo which was a streamlined version of their existing logo. This new design for social media turned their accounts into a more versatile brand that their customers could really relate to.

You can visit each of their 7 stores on Facebook to see the new established brand!