Aug 4, 2018

Design Accounts and Podcasts to Follow

As I have grown in my design career, I have come across many different individuals and companies that offer fun and innovative content. Whether its a video about “the best typeface”, or a tips-and-tricks course on Adobe products, they all give value. This is my list of who to follow in design.


If you’re looking for a way to let the world know that you care about design, get one of Ugmonk’s tees. Jeff spends a lot of time perfecting each piece of clothing and office accessory he sells, and the result is phenomenal. He also sends out a monthly email about the things that have been inspiring him lately (videos, quotes, soccer fields, etc.) and I get a lot of enjoyment out of reading it. It’s one of the few emails that I look forward to getting. He has worked in stock photography, so if you’ve ever been to a stock site you’ve probably seen his work.
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Design Recharge

Diane Gibbs is the curator and head of the Design Recharge website and podcast. She hosts a weekly live-stream interview of design and business experts. These interviews bring a huge amount of value to viewers, and paired with Diane’s amazing personality, are a lot of fun. Check her out on social media to watch previous shows and find out when the next one is.
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Creative South

Creative South is an annual conference featuring workshops and casual lectures. Ask anyone who has gone to the event and they will only tell you good things. You’ll meet other designers and build relationships that will last forever. In addition to the event, Creative South has a cheeky podcast hosted by Jason Frostholm of Hargrove Engineers + Constructors. The podcast gives us a way to get to know the teachers, presenters, and attendees of the conference.
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Mary Mahling Carns of HalfTankStudio is an experienced designer and teacher out of Virginia. She shares my fascination with illustrating and even created an ebook showing tips and tricks for using Adobe Illustrator. Her website is full of witty and fun dialogue that demonstrates her personality as well as her history in the design industry. I found her Instagram page to be so helpful! She posts photos showing some of the things that you would find in her book, and I constantly learn more and more from her.
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The Futur

TheFutur is easily one of the best companies to follow for business advice in the world of freelance and design. The content that they produce is extremely high-quality, and the information is so useful. They cover many topics from Life In Design College to How to Scale Your Business. Designers at all points in their career can learn from these guys. I know I have!
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Perspective Collective

I actually heard about this company from Diane’s show! Perspective Collective is a group that offers really optimistic reactions to what we all go through as designers. This is where you want to go to learn how to become a better artist in both mind and practice.
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Adobe Creative Cloud

Okay, we all know that Adobe has dominated the software category of our industry for years. It’s not news. However, if you have never been to Adobe Creative Cloud’s YouTube channel, you will be so pleasantly surprised. Of course, you’ll want to go here when you get stuck on an action with one of their products, but you can also watch videos to gain inspiration when you’re having blank-page nightmares. They have daily design challenges taught by instructors that, even though they are masters with this tech, are very relatable. I personally have notifications turned on for their channel so that I know whenever they go live.
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I hope you guys get some value out of this. Who is your favorite artist or influencer to follow? Please message me and let me know who I should add!

*I have no affiliation with these companies, and receive no monetary compensation. I just want to send out some love and pass on what I’ve learned!


Amber Cornett is a Graphic Designer at Active8 Communications. She has 8 years of experience in design working for companies that include Modern & Smart, Mentor Enterprises, and Xarisma. Her specialties include branding, websites, illustrations, and social media.